Monday, 28 March 2011

how on earth!!!!!

How on Earth is a guy supposed to get any work done when the weather is as nice as this???
The trouble is, in the U.K. we have to take advantage of the good days, when they come and I'm certainly not complaining. How does the old Spanish saying go ' Manyana' probably not spelled right but you get my drift!
One thing I have been able to do whilst sitting out, is make felted dryer balls. Such an easy project for all you guys to get your felting fingers limbered up.
Start of with a handfull of polyester fibre filling, any quality will do, it's only to bulk out the ball and save some of that valuable wool.
Scruch it up into a roughly shaped ball and needle it, 'til it holds together by itself.
Next, if you have some handy, take a square of knitted wool, jersey fabric or even polyester fibre batting(wadding) and place your ball in the middle of it.
Pull the corners up the sides, quite firmly, and hold together with the fingers of one hand, whilst needling them into the ball,(the corners, not your fingers) with the other hand.
Once it's firmly held in place, take knitting wool and wind round and over , every which way or roving and layer over the surface of the emerging ball, needle until it's holding in place, then using the same method, continue to layer-up 'til you are happy with the shape and the colours.
Keep squeezing and squashing to shape the ball.
You really can go to town with the designs and colours on a project like this, let you imagination just roll with it!!
If you wish, you can now wet felt it, by putting soap on your hands and rub over the surface, try not to get the ball too wet, otherwise it takes forever to reshape and roll around in the palms of your hands forcing the fibers to meld together and form a much tighter felt.
As this is meant to be a dryer ball, of which you'd use four or more at a time, you can throw it in the dryer and let it bounce around in there for a while, check regularly.
In use , put a few drops of fabric conditioner or essencial oil on each ball, let it dry for ten minutes before use. It lasts for a fair few loads before you need to recharge it.
The same is true if you are going to use them as decorations, they make very handsome potpourie thingies!!
Personaly, I think these babies are far too good looking to spend their lives out of sight in the laundry, why not make a display of them in the lounge room! The possibilities are endless. Cat toys, childs ' toys, fly wappers!!! You get the drift!
Have fun and let me know how you get on. Also if you think of other ways to use them or even make them. Maybe you already make them in some other way, let me know and we'll share the good news!
Be good and don't waste too much time enjoying the sunshine, Eh??

I thought you might like to see some I made earlier!

These ones range in size from tennis ball to softball. Hope you like.
Now you can see, what words often fail to describe.

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