Monday, 9 April 2012

Uses for your Balls

Strange title!! I thought so too! But I was at a loss as to a catchy lead-in.
Anyhow, in my last post I showed you how to make small felt balls relatively easily and believe me, when you get used to making them, you can pump them out by the dozen, the problem then arrises, what do I do with all of these little balls??
The possibilities are endless but starting with jewellery, they are good for adding to earrings, they are so light that you hardly know that they are there, the same goes for necklaces, pendants etc.
If you make several sizes of these littlle winners, they can be strung together on crystal wire (it's elastic!) , add a barrel bolt closure and hey! presto, an exandable necklace or wrap it round your wrist a couple of times for a nifty bracelet!
They can be strung in long chains, sewn together to make mats or even garments, like a bobbly shawl.
Using a selection of sizes, make some simple animal or people models which  in turn be sewn onto a bag or a jumper(sweater for my buddies over the pond!) onto a beanie, shrug, shorts, you think of the place and I'm sure it can be fixed there!!
So, in future when struggling with the question, What can I do with my .....well now you know and if you run out of ideas, drop me a line and I'll make a few suggestions!
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