Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Got some stuff done at last

Took some upholstery vinyl I had floating around, as you do, well I do!!, and glued it to some 300gsm white coated card and turned out a few Luggage Tags which I will be posting  in a bit on etsy , so next time you are there pop in to see me  and I'll show you around.
I was going to tell you about following the wool when you are needle felting, well basically it means needle felting the wool, whether Tops , Knitting wool or any other fibre, from ROOT to TIP, with your needle laying at about 30 degrees and using fast , short jabs, that helps to give  a more compact finish and the fibres run in the same direction , which looks a lot neater!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Talk about MAD!!!

Today was one of those days you just want to get through, get home and sit in front of the fire!!
Did some of my christmas shopping, food stuff and some bits for the kids stockings etc., but it was amazing looking at how much stuff some people are buying!!! Maybe they have mega families but I'm sure, as with mine , there will be loads left-over and probably alot of waste. It's nuts isn't it?? We all say the same things earlier in the year, "I'm not getting so much stuff this year, we only wasted it last year" , then we do it all over again!!
I have drawn up a plan for a head wrap, which I will post over the next couple of days and also I will be giving a few guidelines on Needle Felting Techniques, so don't go away :)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Getting colder

It was minus seventeen (17) degrees celcius here in Wales overnight !! Brrrr! and getting colder we're told, not that we can do much about it, just keep on keeping on I suppose, I feel sorry for the wild life, birds especially, there is just no food available for them, I put out seed and peanuts plus some bread in the garden but that's only for the few birds that visit my garden, there are so many others that wont be getting anything!!
The Red Dragon is coming along nicely! I have to see a lady about some wool she has, surplus to requirement at lunchtime, not looking forward to going out in the cold.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Minus 2 and falling

I struggled to get the car de-iced this morning so I could get to the shops, it needed doing badly as there was a thick layer of frozen snow on the windshield, de-icer wouldn't touch it, so I used washer fluid, diluted a bit with warm water, that eventually worked, I was a bit worried about the wipers though, seemed to be dragging ice!!!
The road was bad to get back up, 'cos I live up a slight incline, but just having the engine ticking over and not using the accelerator seemed to be the answer.
The car computer kept telling me the road was slippery...as if I needed telling!!
 I'll make inroads with the Welsh Red Dragon wall hanging I'm working on today, unsing knitting wool to needle felt over the edges is working well and as the colour is identical, you can't see the change of medium. from fleece fabric to wool!! works for me!

I'll stick a couple of pics up later... if I get time! Where does it go to??

Friday, 26 November 2010

Time out

Sorry I didn't post for a while but I been really busy getting stuff sorted for my Etsy shop 
so , whats new in your world??  We got the first snow of winter , very early and very cold, theres talk up and down the U.K. that cars are getting stuck already!!! it's usually New Year before all that stuff happens!! Hey Ho! get used it I guess, what with global warming thingy , no evidence of warming here.........

Add caption
This is a view of my back yard , it has to be said, it does look a whole lot better when there's a covering of snow!!

Over the next few days I'm going to try and put up a couple of pics of some work and some of work in progress.

As its weekend tomorrow, I should get more time to play, so be good 'til then.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Getting there!!

Hi to you and thanks for keeping up!
The treacle seems to be thinning somewhat and this whole arena is becoming a little more familiar as I stumble around!
I Put in a gadget today apparently !! It's a list of some of the things I like. Not a comprehensive list, 'cos that would take forever, no just things that come to mind immediately.
While I remember , can I tell you I have a shop on Etsy. the link is ; 
 As I become a little more comfortable with this blogging lark, I intend to do a few HOW TO'S and add in some pics of stuff I've done in the past and stuff that is in the process of being made, some you may find interesting, while all will be informative to some degree, to some people I hope :). I'll even include a couple of pics of my dog Jack.
Weather getting decidedly colder here in Wales and as I live 1500 ft up a mountain, it gets even colder here, averaging 2-4 degrees colder than a couple of hundred feet up from sea level.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Whooa!! That was like walking through treacle!! Just signed up and found out how to post on my blog, a minor miracle. Does anybody else have these issues? 
I suppose if you've dealt with blogs bfor, you have some idea...not me.. thick as the proverbial..
HE HE :)
My name is Phill by the way and I'm an artist who loves working with fibers and material. Not a sewer.. that has to be said, it just happens that a lot of my works which can be seen on Etsy, require the use of fabric.
Gotta go for a rest now, that was a major breathrough. see you in a bit.