Friday, 26 November 2010

Time out

Sorry I didn't post for a while but I been really busy getting stuff sorted for my Etsy shop
so , whats new in your world??  We got the first snow of winter , very early and very cold, theres talk up and down the U.K. that cars are getting stuck already!!! it's usually New Year before all that stuff happens!! Hey Ho! get used it I guess, what with global warming thingy , no evidence of warming here.........

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This is a view of my back yard , it has to be said, it does look a whole lot better when there's a covering of snow!!

Over the next few days I'm going to try and put up a couple of pics of some work and some of work in progress.

As its weekend tomorrow, I should get more time to play, so be good 'til then.


  1. looks great!! bet thats because i'm in 30 degree heatand sweating!!

  2. It is great really, just seems like it's come very early this year, maybe we'll get 30 degrees at Christmas!!:)