Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Getting there!!

Hi to you and thanks for keeping up!
The treacle seems to be thinning somewhat and this whole arena is becoming a little more familiar as I stumble around!
I Put in a gadget today apparently !! It's a list of some of the things I like. Not a comprehensive list, 'cos that would take forever, no just things that come to mind immediately.
While I remember , can I tell you I have a shop on Etsy. the link is ; 
 As I become a little more comfortable with this blogging lark, I intend to do a few HOW TO'S and add in some pics of stuff I've done in the past and stuff that is in the process of being made, some you may find interesting, while all will be informative to some degree, to some people I hope :). I'll even include a couple of pics of my dog Jack.
Weather getting decidedly colder here in Wales and as I live 1500 ft up a mountain, it gets even colder here, averaging 2-4 degrees colder than a couple of hundred feet up from sea level.

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