Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring At Last

Well spring has finally showed up here in Wales.
Lovely to be able to, sit out in the garden and just dream.
My Primroses are all in bloom and what a delight they are, they seem as if they just want to celebrate  the fact, that  for the moment at least, winter is behind us.
Everywhere I look, there are more  and more lambs being born. Their pitiful bleating is such a contrast to the gruff tones of mum. They too seem to be full of the joys , as they 'gang-up' and charge up and down the fields, pausing only to check on mum, then off they go again, terrorising the rest of the flock, who are quite content to sit and chew the cud.
Spring sunshine is more than just a welcome sight, it really does appear to cure the melancholy of winter and all of a sudden you feel good and want to start on the garden, which of course innevitably means that odious task of mowing the grass, of which I have more than my fair share!!
This year things will be different though because my son has bought me a ride-on mower and as soon as the grass is long enough, I will be annoying the neighbours.

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