Monday, 30 September 2013

Hi all, I'm back!!
It seems that it's been forever that I've not updated or even spoken to you. Well that's about to change!
Firstly let me thank all those loyal souls for sticking with me, in the hope I might resurface at some point in the future. So a big thanks to them and to anyone else that has visited hoping for inspiration. 
It's just after lunchtime here, on a blustery but dry Autumn day. To good to waste really, as there is so much to do in the garden. 
I've hopefully mowed the grass for the last time this year but as anyone who has trees in their garden or even close by, knows, there are tons more leaves on the ground, than ever were on the trees, I'm sure!!
There are plants to put in the borders, that will over-winter and flower next spring. Old flower stems and shrubs to cut back, bulbs to be planted and a whole lot more. And of course the weeds!!!
This isn't going to turn into a gardening blog but I hope some of you good folk, would be interested in what's going on  garden-wise, over here.
Someone at the door!................
................OK salesman!!
Anyway it's great to be back. I'm selecting some pics of stuff I've been up to, apart from gardening that is. Including, string art, ojo making, drawing, painting, needle- felting, the list goes on! I can gaurantee you will not be bored, when visiting my blog. I absolutely forbid boredom.
We've just had the first really heavy rainstorm, accompanied by strong winds of the Autumn but that probably, won't be the last!!

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