Sunday, 25 November 2012

Crazy weather!! and staying dry with quilling.

So there we were, thinking the worst of the weather was probably over, Boy! Oh! Boy! Were we wrong.
Locally, it's as bad as I have ever seen it here. Nationally, well, we seem to have got off pretty lightly, if that's what you call it!!
There have been some horendous floods in different parts of the British Isles and as of six o'clock local time, there have been three fatalities, attributed directly to the flooding.

Above you can get an idea of the extent of rain we had here. The view of the field in the top picture is the most revealing and shows graphically what I was saying, I have lived in this house for 20 plus years and in the area for 32 and have never seen water on the surface like this. You must understand also that we live on the top and slope of  1500 foot hill!!

It continues in the same viegn tonight and will continue apparently for the next 24 hours.


One of the things I have been getting back into in a big way, over the past few months is Quilling It's a craft which takes up very little room and you can get started with a few basic bits.

Paper strips can be bought in a mirriad of colours.......but you can also make them yourself with a hand or electrically operated paper shredder. I prefer to make my own but that's probably 'cos I'm a bit tight with the cash!!!
The paper strips can be wrapped round a cocktail stick, kebab stick or anything else that you feel comfortable with.
I make my own slotted tools, which I find suit my style of quilling, that doesn't mean I don't use the affore-mentioned methods at times.And quilling takes on many forms and styles and in the coming days and weeks, I'll try and introduce you tto a good few of them.

The above picture is made by wrapping newspaper round a kebab stick then rolling it round  on itself into rings/ circles , arranging them into pleasing shapes. I also used acrylic paint, nail varnish and glitter-glue to give this piece a servicable finish that can be wiped clean!!
I'm going to publish this bit of blog now as it's getting a bit late but please rate and join the site.

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