Wednesday, 28 November 2012

See-Saw weather

It seems that, nature, having seen fit to half-drown us all here, is now putting us all into deep freeze for a few days!! At least it's dry but can you imagine what those poor souls who were flooded- out are feeling now! And in the very cold conditions, having to try and drag out-side, soaking wet and smelly carpets and furniture. My heart really goes out to them, it's just to be hoped that the insurance assessors don't take an age to sort out their claims, so that they can at least start to get organised. Some may be able to get back into their own properties but some will have to find temporary accomodation until their home is back to normal!! And just before christmas as well. Spare a thought.

I want to talk about a couple of ideas I'm having at the moment, with regards to a mixed media project that I'm thinking about.
I suppose , essentially it will be quilling based but I intend to be using Needle Felting and Applique work as well.
I have done a quilled Rooster, with flowing tail feathers and all but I want to make it more show-ey!! The quilling alone seems a little subdued, even though I've used bright colours   !!
I don't have a picture ready to show you tonight but will get one up tomorrow, so make sure you come back and see.

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