Monday, 31 December 2012

Well it's been a bit of a crazy old year in many respects!! Some good, some awfull. but we have to pick ourselves up and get ready to start this new year, 2013, with a bang!!
We have to grab opportunities when they arise and go with them for all of our worth.
No excuses, no regrets, just full-on, do our best, 100% effort!
Sounds easy when you say it quick but I intend to take 2013 by the scruff of the neck and squeeze it 'til the pips come out!!!!
So, here's remembering what 2012 had to offer, how good it felt at times and how much pain there was at others but here's to you 2013, with all of that potential, promise and the beckoning finger, we drink to the future of unknowns and dreams.
To all of you who read my blog, I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.
Please tell me your dreams and how they work out and I'll tell you mine, deal?
Hugs and kisses, Phill

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