Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A New Year

Lets see how this new year pans out!! I have loads of ideas and plans for new articles.
It seems that each time a new idea for a tut. pops into my head, it's followed by a couple more. So I have now started to write them all down, so that I don't keep repeating myself over and over in different posts.
Backing material will be one of my first posts, talking about what, and why!
Felting and embellishment materials will be another and yet another will be detail work- how to execute, what to use, etc.
So as you can see, there will be plenty to go at!
For now, I am going to have to concentrate on a few projects which are started and for one reason or another, have been shelved for a while.
I need to concentrate on putting more pieces on Etsy.
I have spent this morning, tidying and cleaning, washing and putting the house back to normal -
( what laughingly goes for normal in my house!!:)
I had my daughter,son-in-law and grand-daughters here for a couple of days, so begrudgingly, you crafters know exactly what I mean, I had to move most of my crafting stuff that was in the living area, into more secure places. The girls love doing stuff with Granddad, and I love showing them how to do things but it can get a bit frought at times , keeping your eyes on them and not having any damage done to children or things!!
I absolutely love having them here but boy! does it make you realise  how old you're getting! I seem to ache in places, I didn't know I had .
But we all survived and everything is pretty much back to normal, it won't be completely normal 'til Christmas is a pleasant memory, funny how you forget the dramas!
  I may not be posting everyday, so, if I don't get chance to post before it, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and that all goes well for you in the days and months to come.

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