Thursday, 2 December 2010

Two Lost Days

I havn't a clue why but wednesday and thursday have gone without trace and not alot to show for their passing!
I have at least got a full tank of oil for the heating, which at the moment is an absolute Godsend, it is sooo cold here!! I put a plastic dish of water out for the wildbirds that visit my garden for food and within thirty minutes it had frozen over! Crazy.
I'll tell you something also got done, fabric necklaces and bracelets!
Oh! and I laid out the American iconography piece I'm planning.
I put a couple more items up on Etsy, a black and white butterfly on a purple background and an oil painting I did a while back, of a polar bear and cub, looks really cute!

So actually I did get a few things done didn't  I ??

Ok, back to needle felting chit chat, one thing I would like to point out is, that if it works for you and the piece you are making, go for it!!
There are those purists out there that would tie your hands behind your back with all the do's and  don'ts, just do what feels right in the circumstances.
One example is scissors!! 
It may be that there is only enough room in the area you are working on, for only a few needle strokes, so cut.!! And carry on. Few strokes, cut, and carry on. I liken it to using the crown needle when Re-Borning, or wig making.  As long as the fibre/s are secure enough- thats good enough! I tend to use a polyester fibre wadding as a back-up piece, when I know there are going to be area's like that, just 'belt and braces'- you feel happier knowing that there is a more substantial hold on the fibre but when those little scales get tucked in somewhere they can have quite a tenacious grip!! Have you ever tried pulling those stray fibres from the foam backing pad?? see what I mean??

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