Friday, 3 December 2010

Quick thoughts

The freezer conditions in my part of the world have finally started to ease  and instead of snow, we now have rain !!!Still at least you can get around better in rain than sheet ice, covered in snow.
I thought I'd give you a quick thought on What do I needle felt into??? Well......anything really is the answer.
Lets think about the needle.
Its pretty tough and very sharp, so it will PUSH fibres into all sorts of material, I'm not going to make a never-ending list now but ; foam, obviously, pre-felt(felted wool) , woollen garments, almost all fabrics,poyester wadding, etc.
So next we have to establish if the fibre , when pushed into ...whatever, is going to stay there and produce a stable enough article.
Well, lots of times the answer will probably be yes, stable enough anyway for the intended purpose but oft-times the article will be handled alot and then you find fibres coming out and the thing looks , just awful!!!
So the answer is to have some sort of material behind your surface material, into which your fibres poke and thus get all snagged up, fixing them much more securely.
I like to use Polyester Wadding which is manufactured in loads of different weights(thicknesses) and so its possible to choose the right one for the job. Most places that sell it on , say, ebay, have a chart giving weight and thickness.

I'll probably wake in the morning to find a load more snow, Hey, Ho!!!

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